Recording Studio Electrical System is Done!

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May 222014

We got approval on our inspection of our electrical system a couple of days ago! So now we have ordered the rest of our low voltage cable for video and our interior security systems as well as all of our HD video lines that will feed into the control room. Gonna be awesome to start doing insulation and sheet rocking soon!

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Studio Electrical System

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May 072014

The studios electrical system is almost done. We have made some pretty good strides in the past week or so and are going to go all out finishing up the low voltage video lines and security cameras as well as the mic tie lines from the main studio. We will have 5 different HD video lines feeding a patch bay in the control room using multiple formats.  This will allow us to accommodate pretty much any video format and processing the video shoots.

Stay tuned!

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Mastering EQ from Orban Equalizers

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Apr 232014

This is an older Orban EQ but still a fantastic mastering tool! Very warm sort of a Neveish tone with lots of detail. This Orban EQ has the ability to switch each band on each channel in or out of the signal path as well as a variable high and low pass filter. Using an Orban EQ is no big trick to master as it sits seamlessly inside of the sound source, instead of appearing to sit on top of it like some EQs do. orban equalizer

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New Microphones

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Apr 232014

Picked up a couple more nice mics! Got a pair of Neuman U87ai mics for the studio! Not quite as cool as the original 87 but still bad ass!

Neumann U87ai

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Recording Studio Drywall

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Apr 232014

We started adding some more dryywall into the lounge and front bathroom yesterday! Good to see some progress that doesn’t involve wires!

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Recording studio electrical system

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Mar 192014

Our electrical system is almost complete! We have been working on it as much as we can and today we wired more of the lounge area, and the security system. Really looking forward to getting this thing built so we can install the cool gear and get busy making some music!

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