In Ear Monitor Systems
I was asked by two different bands (Varsity Week and Megs McLean) in the same day about In Ear Monitor Systems so I decided to make this quick video showing how the system is put together for Decade X. This is sort of a quick overview and doesn’t go into too much detail about the 50 hours worth of wiring it took to get everything tucked away inside the back of the rack to protect everything from the 50′ splitter snake that lives in the back of the rack.

I posted this video on Youtube about how to spot a fake Shure Beta 58a microphone. The Shure Beta58 is one of the most popular vocal mics in the world for live stages and the not so nice people around the world are not copying our American ingenuity. Here is how to spot a fake Beta 58.

Recording a Live Demo with a U2 Tribute Band
U2 Tribute Band U253 in the studio doing a live recording for their EPK. Awesome guys to work with and a very, very good tribute band! Come back again any time my friends. Loved having you guy there!

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