Fake Shure Microphone Beta58a Clones

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Jun 112016

I was notified by Shure that they could not repair one of my mics because it was a clone! So since I own about 20 of them, I decided to just pull them apart and take some notes of the differences between a real Shure Beta58a. Here is the video that I made the outlines the differences.

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Pamela Moore – Recording New Album Next Week!

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Mar 062016

Very excited to work with Pamela Moore again! We actually had to postpone the vocal tracking due to Pamela losing her mother last week. Very sorry my dear friend. No words can ever do justice when you lose someone you love. My heart goes out to you and your family.

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Painting the recording studio

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Jul 282015

Finally get some paint finished at the studio. All of the clouds are now completed and we are installing the digitally controlled lights as well as getting touch up paint done!


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Line 6 DT25

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Feb 212015

Picked up a Line 6 DT25 amp head the other day for the recording studio. Probably the most versatile amp I have ever seen! This is NOT typical Line 6 modeling crap! The amp is ALL TUBE and the output section is designed by Reiholt Bogner. When you switch to the different modes it actually switches the output stage of the amplifier to match the correct voicing of the pre amp. If you have not heard this amp, you do not know what you are missing. We own about 20 different amps (Mesa, Orange, Marshall, Fender etc) here at Decade Sound and this amp sound just fantastic and is by far

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Studio Lounge is Done

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Feb 212015

Finally got the ceiling in the studio lounge done! All of the recessed can lighting, ceiling grid, and Second Look ceiling tiles. It took about 2 full days just to cut and groove the tiles around the perimeter of the lounge. Very tedious but it is all done now!

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Sheetrock in the Studio Has Begun

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Jan 152015

After much messing around, we have finally started with the sheetrock!  My first drywall guy had a family emergency after returning from vacation and couldn’t start for a few more weeks. So we started it ourselves. The entire first layer is on now! It took us about 2 weeks to do the entire first layer and now we are awaiting shipment of the Green Glue Sound Proofing Compound to show up so we can begin the second layer. The glue cost almost as much as the sheetrock. I think right now we have done about 300 sheets inside of the building since we got approval on our electrical. We have about another 250 or so to go. Studio sheetrock can be tedious and time consuming but the end result is much better isolation.

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Ampeg SVT 810E at Decade Sound

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Dec 022014

We also acquired an Ampeg SVT 810E bass cabinet. This renowned bass cabinet features eight (8) 10 inch speakers in a sealed enclosure. As a staple on stages all over the word, this is part of an iconic sound and presence from top players all over the world.  Some ported cabinets will go lower. Some cabinets will have built in tweeters to add definition to what is being played. But the one thing that nobody can dispute is the amount of pure WALLUP that Ampeg SVT 810e delivers. From funk, jazz, rock, to metal. You can find this model on stages all over and as a staple in rehearsal studios and back line rental companies all over the world.

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Marshall 1960A Cabinet Sounds Awesome

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Dec 012014

Been a busy weekend. I also grabbed a Marshall 1960A cabinet. It looks a bit rougher than what I would like but with a bit of elbow grease I think I can make it all nice and shiny new looking! Plus the deal I got was just too good to pass up! The cabinet has a few tears in the tolex but with the addition of some Armour All, and some Super Glue I think I can get this thing to look almost brand new.

marshall 1960a

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Mesa Boogie Rectifier Cabinet at Decade Sound

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Dec 012014

Picked up a Mesa Boogie Rectifier cab yesterday too. The amp collection is beginning to come together. The cab is very heavy and features the Celestion Vintage 30s. What we love about this Mesa Boogie Rectifier cabinet  is that it is considered an over sized cabinet, which results in deeper bass response. For all of you metal players out there. This is THE cabinet for heavy metal! While the Mesa cabinet is often times using the same speakers as a Marshall, the over sized volume of the cab makes for louder bass and in some instances, completely different sounding low end when compared to other 4×12 guitar speaker cabs.

The Mesa Boogie Rectifier Cabinet is standard on stages and studios all around the world for good reason!

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