Focal Studio Monitors


Information and opinions about our Focal Studio monitors. We typically use the Focal Twin 6Be in our main control room.
Focal Studio Monitors

Focal Monitors

The Focal Twin 6Be studio monitor feature (2) 6.5 inch drivers. While both drivers produce the low frequencies, the user can choose which one of the two pulls double duty and also produces the mid frequencies. This allows you to use the speakers in any configuration you want that best suits your mixing environment.

The high frequency driver is an inverted dome tweeter made out of Beryllium, which is a toxic metal to work with. Many companies that used this metal (TAD) were basically forced to close their manufacturing facilities in the US due to OSHA regulations and potential hazards to the people doing the manufacturing with it. Since the Focal factory is in France, and they have much different standards than the US does, using Beryllium was not an issue. The reason for using this metal instead of titanium, or aluminum is that it is a much tougher metal than both but also much lighter. What that means for us is we get a high frequency driver that that is extremely fast and clean with much lower distortion than pretty much any other high frequency driver in the world.

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