Avalon AD2055 Equalizer Review


Here is some info and a review on our Avalon AD2055 parametric equalizer. This is one of those units that once you hear it you think to yourself  “THAT IS AWESOME!! That is what Class A EQ is supposed to sound like! This is one of the best EQs made for sweetening and fixing sound problems!


Built by the same company that brings you the 7VT-737 which is widely popular, Avalon stepped up the game with their AD series units and the AD2055 is in the next higher up series from the VT-737. The  AD2055 EQ features four bands of EQ, class A circuitry, an external power supply, and some of the best bling in the business! Each channel can be turned on individually using the big illuminated switched in between the two bands if you are using it for tracking or mixing and mastering. Nice feature to be able to do that. While the low frequencies of each band are switched between shelving, and peaking EQ types, there is a fixed bandwidth and no control is available for this on the low and high bands of each channel.



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