API 2500 Mixbus Compressor Review


Here is a review of our API 2500 mix bus compressor. For now anyway….

This unit is built like a tank and one of the standards of the industry for a reason! This unit sounds just fantastic and while at first glance looks quite simple, it really isn’t. There are so many different colors you can get from this box depending on which type of compression you want. The Hard, Med and Soft settings can be selected with a wide range of attack and release as well as the ration, and the output. You can select to have the units output either be program and compression level dependent or you can push in the little red button and then use the manual output knob to control how much make up gain you need after the fact. Very cool!


The meters on the unit can show gain reduction, input level, or output level. Pretty typical really but you need to know this since some other compressors such as the Chandler Germanium only show gain reduction and not thing else. The API 2500 compressor shows what you need to see at the push of a button.


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