Amek Recall – Rupert Neve 56 Channel


Here is some information about our Amek Recall console loaded with 56 Rupert Neve channels. If you want to know the great story about our board, just ask us! We love to tell it! The microphone pre amp and equalizer was designed for Amek by the legendary Rupert Neve. Amek commissioned Mr. Neve to design modules for all of their consoles ranging from the Einstein, Rembrandt, Recall, and Mozart consoles. The Amek Recall mic pre amp is fashioned after the flagship Neve 9098 mixing consoles which has become known for the extreme warm, musical quality on literally tens of thousands of hit records over the years.

Here is a cool video of the Recall Software in action as navigated by none other than Rupert Neve himself!

Amek 56RN

Amek mixing consoles are one of the top analog mixing consoles ever built. They are up there with names like Solid State Logic (SSL), Neve, Harrison, Trident, Euphonix, etc. Many of the top albums you have heard on radio stations, cds, cassettes, and MP3s from all genres from the 1970s to present day have been recorded on Amek mixing consoles.

Throughout their run as a major player in the high end mixing console market, Ameks main designer was a man named Graham Langley who was spectacular at designing mixing boards with incredible sounding circuits. One thing that set Amek apart from many of the other manufacturers of large format consoles was that they also hired Rupert Neve “The Designer” who owns and runs his own company, Rupert Neve Designs< to design modules for all of their own consoles. This was beneficial to both Amek and to Mr. Neve in that it gave Amek the opportunity to offer the much sought after Neve sound as well as their own Langley designed channel modules, but is also gave Mr. Neve a chance to sell his components and designs into a market that may not have had the financial means to purchase one of his own consoles. The reason we chose this console for our main studio should be a bit obvious to most who understand the importance of the name Rupert Neve to audio geeks. Rupert Never is considered the premier audio circuit designer in the world for a reason. His stuff just sounds fantastic and that is general consensus from audio professionals all over the world. Our particular console came with 56 of the Rupert Neve designed modules and none of the Langley designed channels. Our console features a very similar mic pre amp to that of the Neve flagship consoles, the 9098. The 9098 is regarded by many as the best sounding recording console ever built. Even though the Amek Recall was designed as a live sound touring mixer, it has nearly all of the functionality you would expect from a studio recording console as well. Our desk has the Neve mic pre amp, Neve Mic Pre

variable high and low pass filters on each of the 56 channels,

4 Four Band Eq with fully parametric mids and switchable ‘Q’ on the low and high bands.

12 auxiliary sends for headphone monitoring and effects sends, VCA groups, on board compressors and gates on each channel all computer controlled.

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